On June 21, 2019 Councilmember David Grosso and Councilmember Brianne Nadeau sent a letter to chair of the Board of the Washington Convention and Sports Authority Max Brown in advance of his re-nomination.

The councilmembers stated their unequivocal opposition to the construction of a new stadium for the Washington Football Team in the District of Columbia, citing both the team’s use of an offensive mascot and racist name; and the failure of NFL stadiums to generate the promised economic growth. They requested more information regarding his views and any actions he has taken to pave the way for the team’s return to D.C.

Mr. Brown responded today, June 28, in a letter the indicated his awareness of the councilmembers’ opposition, but would not rule out that the RFK Campus could be anchored by a new stadium for the Washington Football Team. He did however acknowledge that the ultimate decision will be left up to elected officials, including the Council.

You can read both letters below.