Enhanced Representation Charter Amendment Act of 2019

Introduced: October 8, 2019

Co-introducers: Councilmembers Robert White and Brianne Nadeau


Summary: To amend the District of Columbia Home Rule Act to reform the structure of the Council from unicameral to bicameral, increase legislative representation of the people of the District of Columbia, provide for non-partisan legislative elections, and to amend the Boundaries Act of 1975 to increase the number of election wards from 8 to 9.

Councilmember Grosso's Introduction Statement:

And finally, today I’m introducing the Enhanced Representation Charter Amendment Act of 2019, along with Councilmembers Nadeau and Robert White, which would reform the District of Columbia government to provide residents more input into the political process at the local level.

I have often said that in a city as large as ours with a population greater than some states, 13 members can be insufficient to tackle the multitude of issues we see regularly in a meaningful way.

The legislation creates a bicameral legislature, with a Senate of nine senators, and an Assembly of twenty-seven Representatives.

With more representatives representing fewer residents, public input can be better captured at each stage of the legislative process and more elected officials and staff time can improve our legislative outcomes.

The bill also makes the elections to Council non-partisan, ensuring that an exclusive party primary does not serve as a de facto general election.

While the residents of the District of Columbia deserve representation in the U.S. Congress, they also deserve a local government that better represents everyone who is affected by our decisions. One that truly reflects their preferences in candidates. And one that provides residents multiple avenues to affect the decisions we make every day on their behalf.