Councilmember Grosso's objectives for possible changes to the FY2016-2021 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) are the following:

  1. Ensure that the CIP reflects equity focused planning, aligns investments with student demand, upholds the values of community centered schools, and builds facilities to support quality educational programs;
  2. Exercise greater discipline in managing the scope and budget for the projects; and
  3. Increase transparency in the capital funding process, including delineating general stabilization fund categories such as roof repairs, boiler repairs, ADA compliance, and electrical upgrades to school specific projects.

The Committee on Education is considering prioritizing projects in the FY2016-2021 Capital Improvement Plan using the following factors and measures:

A.    Equity

  • Date and Type of Last Modernization
  • Amount of Facility Investments in School Over Last Decade
  • Facility Condition Assessment
  • Amount of Facility Investments in the School’s Feeder Pattern

B.     Student Demand

  • Actual Enrollment (including enrollment potential in the feeder pattern)
  • Current Building Utilization (including the use of portables)

C.    Community Centered Schools

  • Public financial investment in the neighborhood over the last decade
  • Number of school-aged children in the boundary
  • Projected age-appropriate child population growth

D.    Educational Facilities Effectiveness 

  • How well do the educational facilities support teaching and learning?

Councilmember Grosso and the Committee on Education invites your feedback.