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Contact: Keenan Austin


Grosso Applauds Disbandment of FreshPAC

Washington, D.C.--Today, Councilmember David Grosso applauded the announcement that Mayor Bowser's close allies will disband the FreshPAC. Earlier this year, Grosso introduced legislation to close a loophole to prohibit the PACs ability to raise unlimited dollars in non-election years. Grosso released the following statement:

"Regardless of the legality of the FreshPAC and its operations, the unchecked influence of large donors in campaigns undercuts the voices of everyday D.C. residents. Most disappointing about the PAC was the overt admission that it would be used to actively undermine the balance of power in the District of Columbia. It is important that the Mayor and the Council have a relationship based on mutual respect, strong oversight and accountability. We should strive for collegiality, but the people of the District of Columbia expect and deserve a Council that is not just a 'rubber stamp' for the Mayor.

Now that the Mayor's supporters have shut down this FreshPAC, the city can begin to move forward to restore credibility with voters by removing even the appearance of conflicts between city business and our elections process by enacting stronger campaign finance protections. I hope to work with the support of Mayor to enact legislation to close this loophole, and improve the campaign finance system for years to come."

Grosso's legislation to close the loophole is cosponsored by a majority of the Council, and continues through the legislative process. In early December, Grosso will also reintroduce a campaign finance reform bill to establish a system of publicly financed campaigns.  Similar to the bill he introduced in 2013, Grosso's 2015 bill would create a small dollar matching system to give everyday residents a more equal footing in the political process with big dollar donors.  "I hope that my campaign finance reform bill can move swiftly through the Council to help reform campaign donations processes in the District of Columbia to ensure our elections are fair and every voice counts," Grosso said.