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Grosso Introduces Bill to Close PAC Campaign Finance Loophole

Washington, D.C.--Today, Councilmember David Grosso (I-At Large), along with Councilmembers Mary Cheh, Charles Allen and Anita Bonds, introduced the Political Action Committee Contribution Regulation Amendment Act of 2015 to close the loophole in D.C. campaign finance laws allowing Political Action Committees (PACs) to raise unlimited donations in non-election years. Grosso released the following statement:
"Since joining the Council, I have worked to do all that I can to empower our residents to feel as though they have a strong voice in local politics.  I ran for office on a platform of good government, with transparency and ethics, and I have worked to further those goals as a Councilmember over the past three years.
Last year, the Council passed a law that closed the so-called 'LLC Loophole,' limiting donations of corporations to political campaigns, and bringing more transparency and accountability to the elections process. Despite that positive change, regulations were finalized that exempted Political Action Committees from the campaign finance donation limits during non-election years.   
While campaign donations are a necessary aspect of politics, we also must ensure that everyone has an opportunity to participate in and positively influence the political process, regardless of how much or how little they are able to contribute, or if they do not contribute at all. Unlimited donations undermine the voice of the people, which is why I introduced this measure to close the loophole that allows Political Action Committees to raise unlimited donations in non-election years. By striking this section of the regulations we put Political Action Committees in the same position as Principal Campaign Committees with reasonable limitations on the amount of money that any one individual or business can contribute.
A healthy democracy needs engagement from residents, but when residents feel their vote does not matter, they disengage from the political process. Campaign finance reform is a critical aspect of good government because it keeps elected officials accountable to every voter, not just big donors. The legislation I introduced today helps to ensure that we strike the necessary balance between competing interests and expand the opportunity for everyone to have their voices heard."