Washington, DC -- Today, Councilmember David Grosso (I-At Large) issued the following statement on the results of the grand jury deliberation in Ferguson, MO:

I am saddened and deeply disappointed by the grand jury's decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown.   The events in Ferguson have provoked national conversations about race, police-community relations, the militarization of law enforcement, and more. 

Here in the District we have held hearings and town hall meetings to assess local police tactics and implemented a body camera pilot program, yet there is still more work to be done.  I am committed to working with law enforcement, advocates and residents to discuss meaningful policy solutions to move our city forward on these critical issues. 

The disappointing outcome of this case will certainly evoke a passionate response and it is my hope that any protests or demonstrations will be peaceful and that law enforcement in the District will respect the rights of residents to assemble.  Our words must now become our actions and I welcome any and all residents to schedule time to meet with my office to discuss ways to bridge the gap between police officers and those they are sworn to protect and serve.